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Author: Rasmus Christian Elling | Published in: Urban Violence in the Middle East Publication date: 2015, Document Version, Early version, also known as pre-print Citation for published version (APA): Elling, R. C. (2015). On Lines and Fences: Labour, Community and Violence in an Oil City. In U. Freitag, N. Fuccaro, C. Ghrawi, & N. Lafi (Eds.), […]

Author: Kaveh Ehsani Publisher:Faculty of the Humanities, Leiden University Click here to download in PDF format

Rasmus Christian Elling, University of Copenhagen Published in: Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East   AUTHOR’S PRE-PRINT VERSION OF ELLING, R. C. (2016) «WAR OF CLUBS: STRUGGLE FOR SPACE IN ABADAN AND THE 1946 OIL STRIKE» IN N. FUCCARO (ED.), VIOLENCE AND THE CITY IN THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST (PP. 189-210). STANFORD UNIVERSITY […]

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