80 years of education in Razi High School


Razi Courtyard 2000's
Razi Courtyard 2000’s

Razi, is an old high school (opened in 1937 until now) in Abadan. that is including the Abadan cultural symbols.
this school that recently was renovated,
Is located in the «sikh-line» neighborhood and is close to «statue» square. also the Razi high School in the late of 1940s› was including the students center for «anti-colonial» activities and supporting of nationalism, especially during the nationalization of oil industries in Iran.
The school in 2013 with the Higher Education Council› vote was registered as a «national lasting monuments», of course Earlier in 2002, in a different category ‹Razi› was registered on the «Iranian national monuments». something that this monument does valuable is its unique architectural and design style that is a fusion of Western engineering and Iranian art in the 1930’s.
the view of Building from above is like «H» That it does provides the perfect sunlight for classrooms. Tiles with blue backgrounds with special motifs and «lion heads» built in different locations and using old bricks in the building are some of the beautiful works in Razi, although after 75 year this building has not its former glory.
there were the National and international Iranian leading figure in the past and present who have completed his high school in Razi of Abadan, from the sum of its graduates can be noted to; Manook Khodabakhshian, Iraj Parsi nejad, Nasser Taghvāí, Amir Naderi, Safdar Taghizadeh, Najaf Daryabandari, houshang Golshiri &…
There is a 75-year-old tree in the school yard, also there is some houses for teachers at the end of the school yard, another parts in school is Amphitheater and science lab that are related to the 1930’s. the fire station, hospital and police station are close to school however with the large doors that was designed at two separate points access requirements to service providers in all forms is possible.


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